GES  imports and exclusive representative in Israel for US KINETICO and supplies compact water softening and reverse osmosis systems (RO systems). GES employs a team of professional technicians, who install the water treatment systems and also provide support and maintenance services.

Water Softening Systems

An engineering description of KINETICO USA water softening systems includes two stations containing a strong cationic resin. The system is designed in a 2 x 100% formation so that each station provides the required output.

When one station is in operation, the other is on stand-by. When one station reaches saturation level, it enters into a refresh state and the other station begins operating. In this way, the system ensures continuous operation (24/7).

The system has an automatic cationic monitoring system (a patented KINETICO hydraulic system) which controls the supply of water to consumers, refresh states, rinsing and the switch between stations in response to water demand.

One important advantage of the system is that the system does not need to be connected to the electrical system. The refresh process uses the “counter current” method where refreshing occurs from the bottom to the top of the softening unit in a manner that guarantees  a uniform refresh process whilst reducing the time required for the process and the quantity of salt used (and as a result, the quantity of salt sent to  drainage systems). The refresh process uses soft water in order to make the process more efficient. The water softening system is supplied with a specialized brine unit manufactured by KINETICO.

Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO)

The KINETICO range of compact reverse osmosis systems was designed specifically as a complementary solution for a wide range of applications which require saline free water. Desalination using reverse osmosis is carried out without any additional chemicals where the raw water passes through a membrane which captures the salt ions on one side and permits the flow of saline free water to the other side of the membrane. The quality of the process’s final product is high quality salt free water with an average conductivity of less than 20 microsiemens. The option exists to use an ion-converter (softener) to achieve even higher water quality when needed and to extend the membrane’s life expectancy. The system is supplied with all the adaptors needed for simple and quick installation. Applications: Evaporation systems, car wash facilities, greenhouses, cooling towers, laboratories, steam boilers, chemical industry, food industry, washing systems, cleaning mirrors, cold steam and more.

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