GES is an approved manufacturer and distributor of Henkel surface treatment products in Israel.

Henkel is the world’s leading manufacturer and developer in the field of surface treatments and supplies its products and solutions to a wide range of industries that are required to carry out many different surface treatment tasks as preparation prior to painting, as part of preparations for complementary processes, as part of processes to prevent corrosion and more.

Henkel’s solutions for surface treatments are based on the following principals: cleaning, derusting / deoxidizing, conversion coating and sealing. All this in order to improve the paint’s adhesion and prevent corrosion.

Our solutions assist in shortening process stages, improving efficiency and achieving significant cost savings.

GES’s technological solutions for surface treatments are used in widely in the metal fabricated components and aerospace, in the manufacture of domestic electrical appliances, aluminum extrusion, cooling and heating systems, and agricultural vehicles as well as many other industries.

Our new and innovative technological processes offer a number of advantages:  reduction in energy and water consumption, a reduction in the amount of dangerous waste.
short and efficient processes which reduce production time, environmental benefits.

Our line of products is designed for the following processes:

Cleaning materials: acids, alkaline and neutral, rust and corrosion removal from iron-based metals, oxide removal from non-iron based metals. Inhibitors for chemical cleaning

Conversion coatings: alkalines, phosphate and nano-ceramic treatments for iron-based metals, non-chromate conversion coating alternatives for aluminum and specialized treatments for different metals.

Approved, aerospace standard materials for surface treatments: aircraft cleaning materials for both internal and external use, maintenance materials for cleaning and overhaul of engines, chemicals for treating titanium parts, corrosion removers, paint removers and we supply a range of Products for Non-Destructive Testing.

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