The Industrial waste facility next to our factory provides Water Waste Treatment services for a wide variety of industries: coatings, detergents, printing, surface treatments, printing circuit boards and more. The Industrial waste arrives from a variety of sources and consists, primarily, of solutions: acids, alkaline, organics, heavy metals, surfactants and salts.

Treatment is implemented in two stages:

1. Physical-chemical treatment at this stage, heavy metals, slurry, salts, detergents and other organic materials are removed from the sewage.

2. Evaporation and condensation treatment using the Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) system which mechanically compresses gasses. This stage constitutes the final “polish” for the cleaned sewage and collects remnants of biological materials, heavy metals, dissolved salts and more.

The treatment produces three byproducts:

1. The sludge after extracted is filtered through a filter press. The sludge is then transported to an approved site.

2. Concentrates are delivered to an approved treatment site.

3. The condensates are directed to the municipal sewage system.

The facility operates and is controlled using ISO standards and operates according to the instructions and guidelines of the Ministry of Environmental Protection with a comprehensive administrative permit.

For a technical consultation and price quote, please contact the facilities manager, Mr. Shraga Greenburg.

Telephone: 054-6737379