The GES chemical’s division manufacturing plant manufactures quality chemicals for more than 50 years. The factory produces more than 800 different products, in a variety of forms: liquids, powders and pastes. The products are packed in a range of packages from 1 kg to IBC's of 1,300 kg. The chemicals are manufactured according to standards and specifications. The factory has also powder mixers.

The plant includes a 2,000 SqM, five story warehouse that acts as a logistics center for manufactured and imported products as well as for the storage of raw materials. The warehouse is divided into the hazardous categories according to the kind of the material according to the requirements of poison permits and the Ministry of the Environment. We have also a logistic warehouse in Petach Tikwa, which deals mostly with small packages, we distribute in Israel. The factory uses a fleet of trucks to distribute our products to all parts of the country.

GES has the ability to develop new products and to specifications by combining its technical service capabilities, its lab and production facility. The factory’s team has many years of practical experience and includes chemical engineers, production workers, warehousemen and drivers certified to transport dangerous materials.

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