The laboratory team, comprises of a staff with many years of practical and technological experience, works in close cooperation with the technical staff to provide an optimal and efficient solution that accurately matches the client's needs.

The laboratory utilizes sophisticated analytical equipment including atomic absorption, spectrophotometer, automatic titrators and other equipments.

The following tests can be performed in our laboratory:

  • Salt Spray test - according to the standard ASTM B117 using approved equipment.
  • The lab staff examines the composition of our customer bathes in order to ensure the proper functioning of the processes.
  • Analytical chemical tests of industrial water – includes the servicing of cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers, closed systems, reverse osmosis systems and more. All parameters that will affect the proper performance of these systems are monitored. In addition, corrosion rates in these systems are examined. In addition, the laboratory performs bacterial tests, tests for accumulated precipitation in water systems and more.
  • Analysis of decorative coatings and printed circuits bathes - chemical and functional tests of bathes states in coating processes and the provision of solutions when necessary.
  • Preparation of reagents – facilitate regular checks of bath conditions at the customer’s facility in order to maintain the recommended conditions for the processes.
  • Non Destructive Test  – We are equipped with the approved equipment to test our customers using penetrants systems (specially manufactured by Sherwin Company), as well as other, competing companies. The service includes fluorescence, sensetivity, water tolerances, rinsing.
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