GES - Texma specializes in the implementation of adhesive and sealing technologies. The company imports and supply’s products from the world’s leading manufacturers and has been importing and supplying products for over 60 years. Our main specialties and expertise are in the fields of aviation, military and security applications, electronics, medical equipment and devices, optics, general industry and others.

Our adhesive team has over 60 years of accumulated engineering and technological experience. They provide consultation services and work in close cooperation with our clients and manufacturers to find the very best and most efficient solutions to the individual needs of every client.

3M manufactures tens of thousands of products in many different and varied areas including electronics, aviation and for general assembly uses such as acrylic and epoxy glues, adhesive and sealing tapes, masking tape, contact adhesives, hot adhesives and many more. 3M Products
Dymax leads the field in adhesives that solidify when exposed to UV/LED light and advanced casting equipment for a wide range of industrial applications. DYMAX Products
DOWSIL (Dow Corning) High-performance Silicones & Silicone-based products -  DGE DOW is the leading company in the field of development and production of specialized silicon based products for industry and electronics. DOW Products
The Teroson brand is part of the Henkel group which produces polyurethane and MS Polymer adhesives for a wide range of adhesive and sealing applications. TEROSON Products
ERGO provides solutions for fast adhesives – cyano-acrylates, anaerobic (screw securing adhesives)  and more.  ERGO Products
Panacol manufactures a range of quality adhesives – acrylic, specialized epoxies, electrical conducting. PANACOL Products

We are at your service and will gladly help you choose the the best product for your needs from our range of products.