Chemicals for electrolyte coatings and printed circuits

GES is the Israeli representative for , a leader in the field of electrolyte coatings which supplies chemicals for a range of processes including: coatings for different metals, coatings for plastic, electroless coatings and more. In addition, the company provides a range of processes for the metal industry such as the preparation of metals prior to electrolyte coating and different passivations. This includes sealers after electrolyte coating. GES provides chemicals that meet the requirements of the RoHS/ELV standard without chrome 6, cadmium and lead.

Principal coating processes

  • Cleaners and etchers of metals
  • Zinc coating
  • Nickel coating
  • Nickel electrolytic and electroless coating
  • Chrome coating
  • Pretreatment  for coating processes
  • Passivation and sealers
  • Auxiliary coating equipment
  • Consultation and manufacturing line building.