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GES is part of the Azrieli Group and has achieved firm financial foundations and credibility for its operations both amongst its clients and the world’s leading suppliers. By virtue of its wide experience, GES is able to supply its clients the entire range of services in the fields of chemicals, adhesives, lubricants, water treatment, Industrial waste facility and many more. Based on the company’s accumulated knowledge and a workforce of more than 200 employees, GES provides hundreds of solutions, large and small, adapted to each client’s needs, reliably and economically.  

GES leads its operations in Israel via three divisions:

  • Projects Division – design and construction of new facilities for desalinating seawater and saline groundwater for the municipal and industrial sectors.
  • Operations Division – deals with the operation and maintenance  of industrial and municipal water treatment and sewage plants. The division operates in two areas:
    • The operation of water systems including filtration systems, desalination systems, water disinfecting and softening.
    • The operation of municipal and industrial sewage facilities using a range of technologies including: precipitation, DAF, treatment of oil and grease, biological treatments, aerobic/anaerobic treatments and more.
  • GES Industrial Chemicals Division -  the division has grown and developed over more than 60 years by merging with other companies such as Tambour Ecology, Texma Chemicals, Cycline and other businesses dealing with the specification, production, importing and marketing of quality, specialty chemicals.

GES industrial Chemicals devision

In addition, the division leads the country in fields such as adhesive, lubrication, greasing and maintenance materials for industry. It also represents many of the world’s leading industrial manufacturers and brands such as Henkel, Dow Corning, Molykote, Anderol, 3M and others.

The Chemicals Division provides solutions for customers in a wide range of markets: electronics, metals, aviation, chemicals, plastics, food and drink. In order to offer our clients a total solution, the division offers clients the ability to recycle oil, chemicals and polluted industrial materials. 

The company has all the permits, standards and licenses required by law and strictly adheres to the highest standards and guidelines issued by the Ministry for Environmental Protection including ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 management protocols and standards.

GES quality requirements are an integral mandatory part of the purchase orders.  

The team of GES’s chemical division includes more than 20 chemical and material engineers, experienced sales managers and a professional production, logistics and operation teams.

The division’s production facility is located in the South Akko Industrial Area. Our technical consultants and advisors as well as warehouses are situated on the ASKAR site next to Kfar Masaryk and in Petach Tikva.

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