Mantainance Chemicals for the Industry

GES manufacture a full range of products designed to help in the Industrial Mantainance.


Most of the products in this range are based on our licensee agreement with Henkel Technologies.

GES distributes the Fuchs cutting fluids and corrosion inhibitor oils and Emulsions.



In this range you can find products for the following operations:

  • Cutting Oils - Emulsions and Neat oils.
  • Water repelant and corrosion inhibitor oils.
  • Aqueous Cleaners (to be diluted in water).
  • Solvent Cleaners.
  • Paint boot detackifiers.
  • Foam depressants.
  • Inhibitors for acid cleaning.
  • Derusters and corrosion removers.
  • Hand cleansers.
  • Aerosols for Industrial Manteinance.

We will be pleased to fulfill your mantainance request with one of our products.