Bonding has become an indispensable technique for joining two or more substrates with each other, not only in industry but also in everyday life. Bonding allows the production of laminated materials, facilitates mobility and communications, positively influences the handling of foods, supports health and hygiene and improves the quality of our lives. Moreover, many innovative products could not be manufactured without the use of bonding techniques. 


3M structural adhesives and tapes  


3M structural adhesives are so strong that they can support a structural panel during the useful life of a building... and so soft that they can be touched by children. As the 3M adhesives had been developed to take care of the necessities of our customers, they are used in varied products, as airplanes, buses, cellular telephones, automobiles and other applications. The Very High Bond (VHB) acrylic foam tapes are high performing and economical alternatives to traditional mechanical fastening systems.


Texma represents 3M, a giant manufacturer offering thousands of products in many different fields. Texma markets the company's adhesive tapes, adhesives, and sealants in Israel for the fields of electronics, aviation, and general assembly.


Silicone products    

 distributes silicone products for electronics manufactured by Dow Corning, the world leader in developing and manufacturing of silicone based materials.


Texma offers its customers in the fields of electronics, automotive industry, and High-Tech industry a broad range of products, including adhesives, silicones,  and circuit cleaning materials. The wide range of products we carry allows us to offer customers the best and most appropriate solution.


Panacol products



 Panacol-Elesol  is a company  stablished  in  Geramany and manufactures  

 specialized adhesives from 1978.  Their focus in industrial adhesives,  with

 an  extensive  product  range  from  UV  adhesives,  through  structural

adhesives, heat & electrical conductive among other specialized adhesives. 


Texma offers Panacol products from our warehouse for the most sofisticated applications.