Chemicals for electronics and PCBs

GES offers its costumers in the fields of electronics, the automative industry, and the high-tech industry a broad basket of products, including adhesives, silicones, plating for printed circuits and circuit cleaning materials. Thewide range of products we carry allows us to offer cosomers the best and the most appropriate solution.



GES offers a variety of processes for applying electrolytic plating to metals, such as iron, copper, and aluminum, as well as ABS plating to plastic. The Company provides a full range of services for the plating process, including cleaning the part, etching, removal of oxides, plating, passivization, etc.


Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

GES offers the manufacturers of printed circuits, specialized equipment and chemicals for the production processes of two-sided and multi-layered printed circuits. The range of products includes, among others:

 A variety of solutions for cleaning circuits at the different production stages.
 Blackening chemicals for internal layers/blackening substitutes.  
 Chemicals for with/without copper electrolysis, horizontal process, or immersion.
 Chemicals for acidic copper plating, by pulse or IPC, in a horizontal process or by 

 Chemicals for solder plating, lead solder.  
 Various finishing processes such as nickel, gold, solder, silver, palladium, etc. 
 Lead solder removers, solder removers. 
 Photo resist removers.
 Solutions for micro via and blind via technologies, etc.