GES and Texma supply a variety of solutions based on new materials which replaces the environmental hazardous materials.


Highlights on green products:


Surface Treatment (Henkel):

In aluminum treatment chrome 6 conversion coatings were replaced in most customers with Henkel solutions based on the requirements demanded by our customers.

Replacement of phosphatizing process with nano-ceramics processes, which spares energy, waste water treatment and water. Press Here

Most of our clients replace the use of cleaners based on Boron components to non Boron versions.


Industrial Maintenance:

We are implementing our solvent based products to comply with all environmental issues, replacing prohibited solvents with solvents like: high ketones, esters, etc...



Introduction of green passivators to replace chrome 6 based old passivators in zinc plating.

Introduction of Electroless Nickel, which complies with RoHS requirements.



Introduction of a new line of Antifriction Coatings without Lead components and new environmentally friendly solvents.


3M Water base contact adhesive

High immediate bond strength and long bonding range. It is non-flammable in the wet state, post-formable and heat resistant. For more information Press Here