Henkel announces the launch of a new conversion coating process called TecTalis. This breakthrough multi-metal pre-treatment technology replaces Zinc Phosphate by offering significantly reduced process cost and environmental footprint. TecTalis has been enthusiastically received by the automotive and durable goods industry.
TecTalis  Henkel redefines metal pre-treatment
GES introduced Fuch's Lubricant to Emek Hefer Biogas Plant. Emek Hefer is operating two GE Jenbacher Generators working with this oil. The important feature aquired from that combination, is that the cycle of oil life was increased from 800-1,000 operating hours to about 1,400 operating hours. This increment was achieved and tested through a period of 2 month with periodically laboratory checks.
Fuchs Titan Ganymet at Emek Hefer Biogas Plant
Free of phosphate and toxic heavy metals, it is ultra-thin, absolutely uniform, and makes production processes significantly more economical. The talk is of a novel, nanotechnology-based conversion coating for metals. This innovative surface pretreatment prior to painting is considerably more efficient, less complicated and more cost effective than conventional iron phosphating.
Nano  the big breakthrough in surface treatment